Personal Safety &
Conflict Management Workshop

Specialist training and security risk management consultancy

Personal Safety & Conflict Management Training

Mildot have developed a cost effective training option to assist the private and public sector to comply with legislation and mitigate against modern day workplace violence threats:

Improving staff personal resilience - Maintaining staff safety - Promoting a safe and secure working environment - Reducing the effects of a targeted act of workplace violence.  

Employer Duty of Care is clearly addressed in health & safety laws and regulations, to reduce employer and senior management liabilities, corporate culpability and maintain the safety of staff, the training is an effective mitigation strategy to meet the legal requirements and improve staff safety. 

H & S Work Act 1974 = All reasonable and practicable measures must be taken to ensure the health & safety of all personnel.

H & S  At Work Regulations 1999 = Employers must identify, manage and control all known risks.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007  = This legislation creates an offence under which an organisation can be prosecuted if there is a breach of health & safety standard and the duty of care owed. 

The 3 hour training is approved by the worlds leading health & safety training organsation IOSH. 

The training will inform delegates about modern day workplace violence situations, strategies to assist in mitigation, and improve staff personal resilience:

• Personal Safety Risk Assessment
• Conflict Management
• Facility Area Checks
• Situational Awareness
• Run Hide Tell
• ACT (Action Counters Terrorism)
• HSE Laws
• Lockdown

Note: The workshop Does Not involve any self-defence or physical intervention training. 

Personal safety & conflict management requires what’s known as - The Brain Game – and significantly reduces the risk of any physical intervention.

The training is delivered to all staff from senior management to shop floor and lone workers from the below list: 

NHS Facilities - Retail Industry - Supermarkets - Shopping Centres - Local Authority - Educational Facilities – High Occupancy Critical Infrastructure – Leisure Industry – Media & Entertainment – Hospitality & Events – Hotels – Night Time Economy Venues - Oil & Gas and Defence Industry Working in Complex Environments. 

IOSH Certificates will be awarded to all delegates on completion.

Group bookings for businesses receive a disounted price  – Book your training now to secure your preferred dates, use the below link and insert Personal Safety Workshop in the subject line to gain further information or call 07508877869 to discuss further options.