Hybrid Targeted Workplace Violence Workshop

IOSH Approved


A targeted act of workplace violence using multifaceted and unconventional weapons and tactics is a growing risk within the United Kingdom threat environment:

Terrorism – Violent Crime – Lone Wolf Attacks – Disgruntled Employee

Our extensive knowledge and experience of responding to serious hybrid attacks of various natures, and subsequent implementation of effective mitigation systems, has been tailored to fit the modern day European threat environment in partnership with the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) to assist businesses in mitigating the above risks.


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Public & private sector facilities can reduce employer liabilities & corporate culpability, and assist in protecting staff using one of the below cost effective options that falls into the Must Have category of any Safety & Security system and comply with health & safety laws and regulations. 

Rapid Risk Communication - Reduce Response Gaps - Apply Best Practice = Save Lives 


1. Key business staff can attend the 1 day IOSH Approved training and learn about relevant Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery to save lives and achieve business continuity objectives.

2. Another option for businesses is the use of Mildot consultants, who have extensive experience at designing & implementing cost effective emergency response and training plans for sites with thousands of personnel involved, and requiring coordination with Government agencies for response action. 

Both options are cost effective, and will not impact a facilities daily activity, or change custormer interaction.

The puplic sector and commercial industry are On Notice for modern day workplace violence threats, these type of incidents are no longer a media news story about a far away country, incidents are happening frequently within the UK & Europe, courts of law will no longer except excuses of inadequate risk management and the liability costs could be severe. 


Workshop Topics

If your involved in the functional areas of Health & Safety, Security and Business Continuity then the workshop is a must attend.

The IOSH approved training is delivered by seasoned safety and security professionals who will address none negotiable requirements of mitigation and preparation plans to support and help save lives during an attack and reduce the consequential effects on the business.

Delegates receive IOSH certificates.

Price: £250 + VAT per person - Group bookings will recieve a discount. 

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