Situational Awareness Training – Modern Day Personal/Staff Safety Mitigation

1. What is it

Situational awareness is the Must Have Proven mitigation training for staff & personal safety – It develops an awareness of modern day threats, your surroundings, and whether anyone or anything around you is a threat to your personal or customer safety.

2. Who uses it

It’s a key training tool for Government Agencies, Military, Security Personnel, HNW Individuals, Royalty.

3. What can it do for the private & public sector workforce and individuals

All personnel can develop levels of situational awareness and commit to the subconscious thinking process. The more you use it the quicker it becomes a subconscious process with minimal effort.

4. Workplace Toolbox Talks.

The proven and best system to educate and raise staff awareness are Toolbox Talks. 2 to 5 minute briefing sessions on key topics spread over a planned period, such as a weekly and quarterly programme, delivered just before the working day or set break times.   Particularly effective for covering any emergency action plans for Terrorism, Violent Crime, Workplace Violence.

5. Workplace questions staff should be able to answer

a. Whats the Emergency Action Plan at your workplace for the following:

Staff being attacked.

Customers being attacked.

Whats the communication plan – have you radios – who calls the police.

How do you assist customers.

Do you know where the alternative exits are.

Whats the lockdown procedure.

Qs general:

a. While driving what are you aware of.

b. Whats the current crime activity were you work, around schools, were you socialise etc.

c. When walking down the street what’s happening around you.

d. When entering a building do you take in the surroundings.

e. Are you wearing invincible blinkers and focused on your phone.

f. Do you know the current crime activity in the areas you visit or live.

Mildot designed and deliver IOSH Approved Situational Awareness Training

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