Business Counter Terrorism Mitigation

Toolbox talks have been in use for many years, they are a proven cost effective approach to raising awareness of effective business counter terrorism procedures and plans, the public and private sector can utilise this system to educate staff on Counter Terrorism/Hybrid Attack emergency response plans and UK Government Imitative.

Breakdown the emergency response plan into bite size chunks, deliver the topic over a 2 to 5 minute period, just before opening time and or an event briefing etc.

Topics to cover:

Risk Communication Systems – Alternative Emergency Exits – Invacuation Zones – Run Hid Tell (Reality version) – Psychological First Aid – etc etc.

There’s no point in having a plan if nobody knows about it, the toolbox system can be used to raise awareness and help save lives, build staff resilience, and reduce the criticality of an attack.

The Ostrich Syndrome keeps people in denial and costs life’s; the public and private sectors can develop simple plans that deliver effective options and raise situational awareness.

The Mildot Group have used this system over many years and it’s a proven approach to build staff resilience and raise awareness of effective plans and procedures.

Its no different for a business with 2 staff and 100 staff, at the time of an attack, the staff need to respond effectively and apply simple action plans to lower the criticality of the attack.  There is no time to request guidance from supervisors and management, an immediate response is required by the staff at the scene, only prior planning and preparation will produce an effective decision.