IOSH Terrorism Impact Conference

The conference was about the modern day Terrorism impact on security & safety planning for Events and Sport Grounds. The delegates attended the conference to hear about effective security & safety planning solutions and examples for the private sector to take on board and apply, most of the guest speakers delivered information about UK Government agency protective security systems.

The private sector do not have 24/7 dedicated resources, legal powers and budgets to implement Government Agency systems, and are not suitable in an open society (Private Sector).

The missing ingredient was speakers from the Private Sector Security & Safety Industry. The serving and former public sector speakers appeared to have no idea about the corporate management perspective on Counter-Terrorism, and even less experience and knowledge about how Business can apply mitigation.

Not one of the speakers had been involved with corporate risk management for CT/Hybrid Attack mitigation in a real-time environment where attacks are a daily & weekly event. Subsequently were unable to pass on lessons learned and advice on what systems lower the criticality of modern day corporate risks.

It was made clear towards the end of the conference during questions, that the speakers were not on the same page as the private sector delegates who attended, the organisers did make the point that for the next event they will look at rectifying that issue.

Public sector agencies are experts within their areas of responsibility, such as – Response, Investigation and explain their roles from a Public Sector view point to influence the state of the scene for their arrival.

There was no mention of the following important factors involved with corporate risk management:

a. legal.

b. Duty of Care.

c. Relevant Risk Assessment

d. Raising staff awareness.

e. Legal Action and Liability claims from people involved in an incident.

f. How to lower the Criticality.

g. Risk Communication Systems.

h. Terrorist & Criminal Threat Activity

When seconds count and emergency services are minutes away: What action will your staff take and what mitigation is implemented to assist staff & customers during the Response Gap?. They are some of the critical questions for the private sector.  The chances are – when an attack happens – the emergency services will not be present until a protracted response period.

The Mildot Group have written an article for the private sector to use as a guide, and outline some useful options.  Mildot consultants have been involved with Counter Terrorism mitigation at the sharp end for over 12 years in the private sector, working in some of the worlds most hostile environments, designing and implementing mitigation to protect thousands of staff and customers.

Click the below link to access the Counter-Terrorism Article

Demystifying Private Sector Counter-Terrorism Mitigation – A guide to start the system of meeting legal obligations, protecting life’s, and lowering the criticality.

Note: At the time of a violent attack, its irrelevant what label is placed on the attack. Not all attacks are Terrorism but can be equally devastating.  Business can mitigate all forms of hybrid attacks and lower the criticality by using the same approach outlined in the article.