The below table shows an option for businesses to escalate their (so called) Counter-Terrorism & Violent Crime policy in line with the UK Government Threat levels

Examples: Retail; Theme Parks; Entertainment Facilities; Night Time Economy, Supermarkets etc.


UK Government Threat Levels


Private sector Terrorism & Violent Crime mitigation designed to escalate with the UK Government Threat Levels

Note:  The following information is for example purposes only to explain some options

Government Threat Level Low






Threat Level 1

  • Develop a Terrorism & Violent Crime Policy to assist Prevention, Response, Recovery and comply with the law.
  • Must include a training programme to develop staff situational awareness.
  • The policy should have implementation levels that escalate with the Government Threat Levels – Example, level 1 = Threat Level Low

Government Threat Level Moderate





Threat Level 2


  • Weekly awareness programme session.
  • Management test of risk communication systems.
  • Quarterly management table-top exercises.
  • Quarterly rehearse individual parts of a response plan.
  • Quarterly review of level 3 & 4 options in the CT policy.

Government Threat Level Substantial





Threat Level 3


  • Review all relevant business plans and update as required.
  • Hold a monthly management team meeting and review functional responsibilities.
  • Focus the weekly awareness programme on key areas.
  • ALL staff should take part in awareness sessions.

Government Threat Level Severe








Threat Level 4


  • Review level 5 options in the CT & Violent Crime policy.
  • Hold a management team meeting, review all open source intelligence and information from government agencies about the threat.
  • Staff to report suspicious activity, people, and raise awareness of unattended packages and vehicles and records kept.
  • Increase the security posture.
  • Focus weekly awareness programme on threats.
  • Business point of contact to maintain weekly communication with Police etc.

Government Threat Level Critical







Threat Level 5


  • Weekly test of all risk communication systems.
  • Rehearsal of response plans at least once every 14 days.
  • At least 2 sessions a week on the awareness programme.
  • Weekly management review of open source intelligence and government agency briefings.

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