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CCTV technology and installation practices have moved along at a rapid rate over the last decade, it is now possible and cost effective for any residential or business property to install a CCTV system at smaller costs than in the past, the Mildot Group have developed a competitive CCTV Installation pricing plan using available technology.

The following services allow CCTV systems to be installed or deployed at a cost effective rate for permanent install or a temporary measure particularly in support of manned guarding security operations or a stand alone security measure.

1. Residential & Small Business

Permanent installation CCTV systems starting at £350 and includes:

Installation – x 2 Cameras – x 1 DVR – Wiring – User demonstration – Smart phone and tablet setup -24/7 recording capabilities – motion alerts.

The system can be added to with more cameras and on site fixed monitoring capabilities; the price will increase but still remain competitive.

The client budget is the primary factor that determines the level of technology and the size of the system.

2. Rapid Deployment CCTV

The rapid deployment system can be used as a temporary measure or permanent system using the following options:

Option 1:

This system is ideal for remote areas or sites with no mains power and used as a temporary requirement.   No requirements for DVR or fixed monitors.

Charged on a daily or weekly rate starting at £25 a day for 1 Camera installed with the following capabilities:

Day & Night Vision – 24/7 Recording – 24/7 Monitoring capabilities on smart phone and tablets with on site wifi, or connecting a wifi dongle which adds a daily extra cost dependent on agreed usage plan – 24/7 Independent power source or connected to the mains supply if available.
Multiple cameras can be installed and a competitive pricing structure applied.

Example uses: Vacant properties, short term construction sites, plant machinery left unattended for limited periods, events, monitoring of a specific asset or location and many more.

Option 2:

This option is ideal for permanent installation for Residential, Businesses, and Sites with mains power and wifi. No requirements for DVR or fixed monitors, only uses 1 wire plugged into mains socket.

One off payment to purchase 1 camera starting at £195, installed with the following capabilities:

Day & Night Vision – 24/7 Recording – 24/7 Monitoring capabilities on smart phone and tablets – Motion Alerts – Connected to the mains supply.
Multiple cameras can be installed and a competitive price agreed dependent on how many systems are purchased.

Example uses: Specific asset or location monitoring 24/7; Vacant properties; High value construction site assets not covered with standard CCTV; Plant machinery left unattended; Event venues; Excellent  support mitigation for small scale manned guarding security operations; Supplement or improve current CCTV system in areas not covered and many more uses.

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About Mildot:

The Mildot Group are an international security consultancy with extensive security risk management experience.  If you require security consultancy services to assist in the CCTV system requirements; Mildot consultants will be able to conduct a site survey and advice on the best options within the budget available.