Due diligence tips for private sector Counter Terrorism consultancy advice & training.

The private sector is waking up to the modern day threats, seeking consultancy advice will be a cost effective option, the following questions will assist in the due diligence process:

1. Number 1 Point – Can they explain the criticality of an attack in business terms. If they cant deliver on this fundamental point – Show them the door.

2. What is their knowledge based on. Answer needs to be private sector experience over at least the last 5 years. No problem with ex government service as long as they have private sector counter terrorism experience.

3. What plans and training have they implemented for Hybrid Attack Mitigation in the private sector. Key point and they need to have delivered within the private sector and not talk about Government agency.

4. Have they worked in private sector environments requiring high levels of mitigation and how have they tailored it down to cost effective UK Business use. If they spew out loads of interesting terminology on how it requires a multitude of layered systems focusing on every area possible – show them the door as they dont understand the business approach and probably never implemented any within the private sector.

5. Can they explain the private sector perspective. This is a given to any commercial security professional.

6. What document adds to the business case for using mitigation and a key influencer for senior stakeholders to take action. Ill leave this one unanswered and leave it out there for anybody to have a go.

The above is just a snap shot but drills down to the bone quickly and will give Businesses some decision making information.

Note: There are basically 2 approaches to Business CT:

  1. Government Agencies will advice on what will assist their response and shape the scene for their arrival.  Business can not leave mitigation solely down to that advice.
  2. Private sector professionals will advice from a perspective of protecting the long term viability of the Business – Staff & Custermer Safety.  The whole criticality of an attack requires mitigation.

Obviously this is just our humble opinion from over 10 years private sector and previously over 20 years public sector experience – designing, implementing, and delivering long term Hybrid Attack mitigation systems protecting thousands of private sector personnel.


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