Event Security Advisory

The following advisory will outline some essential mitigation to protect your business, staff, and customers.

Open Air Concerts – Sports & Media Events

The aim of the organisers is for the event to be a complete success with a fundamental requirement to mitigate every persons safety and security against known modern day threats

Scenario 1The venue organisers have consulted with security management regarding the right levels of security personnel; stewards, medical; actions on an incident/accident; tannoy announcements; safety zones; fire precautions etc; and all staff are regularly briefed on safety & security awareness and procedures. The management proactively engage with local police regarding the event and prior to the event emergency action plans and staff orientation has been conducted, with rehearsals for emergency response. The business has documented safety & security policy and procedures.

Scenario 2The management of both the event organisation and the sub contracted security continue as they have at previous events, do not deliver any briefings or orientation prior to the event, and expect everyone to know what to do in an emergency situation.  

Incident – Response – Recovery

Option 1 outcomeAn incident occurs and investigations begin, social media pictures and video’s go viral, local licensing authority, Police, Insurers and media become involved, and subsequent reports written with conclusions:

The report highlighted points that fit the above Scenario 2, business licence revoked, prohibition orders issued, security staff lose their licence, the business reputation is tainted, management probably lose their job – End result being the financial viability of the business has taken a severe hit.  All subsequent liability claims will have a greater chance of succeeding with possible substantial monitory value handed out by the courts.

Option 2 outcomeThe investigation concludes the business takes sufficient steps and proactively supports a safe and secure environment. The incident was handled professionally and the criticality was minimised due to the ability, qualifications and awareness of the staff – Future events can continue to operate as it meets the points mentioned in scenario 1 and the financial viability of the business continues.  Any subsequent liability claims will take the report findings into account and probably lower the criticality of the overall costs to the business.

Key Takeaway Points

a. Document Risk Assessments, Mitigation, Security & Safety Policy Procedures – priority records.
b. Have a system in place to continually maintain staff security knowledge and awareness. safety moments or toolbox talks are good systems and only require minutes to deliver.
c. Nominate zone supervisors, have communication plans, enforce control & strict chain of command.
d. Control the crowd and keep exits clear and maintain Staff, VIP and guest zones.
e. Constant liaison with the PSC & safety management; they should have a system in place to educate and raise security/safety awareness.
f. Assess the potential for large scale attacks and identify during the risk assessment process.
g. Gauge Attendee Risk (weapons, acid, alcohol, drugs, physical, bomb, fire) and know the venue “all areas for all staff”
h. Debrief “gather feedback” and make documented changes if need be for the next event.

i. Maintain a lessons learned document and implement where appropriate.

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