Operationally Tested & Proven Consultancy for Defence & Sport Shooting Industries

The Mildot Group International Defence consultancy delivers firearms & tactics training involving Arial Platform Firing; Multiple Team operations in Counter-Terrorism & Conventional Warfare; Sniper Operations.

Experts in designing and delivering capacity and capability training programmes to enhance individual operators and a Units operating power

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Firearms - Tactics - Command Skills & UK Sport Shooting Industry Services

Mildot sniper training consultants are former British Military Senior Firearms & Tactics Instructors with extensive experience.  Mildot’s training services develop real world ballistic data (RWD) and focus on a designed training approach to develop tactical advantage and ballistic superiority.

Mildot advice on the following deployment options: Conventional Warfare; Counter Terrorism; Police Marksman; VIP Protection; Maritime Operations

UK Sport Shooting Industry Consultancy Options

Safe systems of training & maintaining records, shooter development, and meeting legal obligations is a serious responsibility placed on the sport shooting industry.

Mildot deliver the following services: Club training systems for probationary and holders of Shooter Certification Cards; Coaching up to advance levels for all club members; Range Conducting Officer & Range Safety training; Club documentation review and assessment.

Defence Industry Assistance & Training Solutions:

Government Procurement Advisory

Sales & Business Development Assistance

Sniper Weapons and Equipment Trials & Development

Military and Police Sniper Capacity & Capability Assessment = Design & Delivery of Improvement Programmes

International Training & Consultancy thats been delivered by Mildot

  • Sniper High Altitude Operations
  • Full skill set Sniper Team development courses
  • Police Marksman for urban & rural deployments
  • Sniper Instructor & Associated Development Training
  • Arial ISTAR A2/AD
  • Close Reconnaissance – Observation Posts – Surveillance (CROPS)
  • Urban Terrain Operations
  • Command Skills
  • Firearms Trials & Development
  • Equipment & Firearms Demonstrations
  • High Value Target Protection
  • Ballistic Data Collection Options