IOSH Approved Hybrid Targeted Attack/Counter Terrorism Mitigation

Hybrid Attacks = Terrorism - Violent Crime - Lone Actor Attacks




Business Training & Consultancy Options from Industry Leaders in Hybrid Attack/Counter Terrorism Mitigation

  • Mildot consultants have worked in some of the worlds most hostile environments managing and designing systems to protect thousands of staff from weekly & daily attacks of Terrorism, Insurgency, Organised Crime and violent labour disputes.
  • The course is based on proven cost effective mitigation learned from real time attacks and lowers the criticality.
  • Who should attend = Managers, Supervisors, Safety & Security Personnel.
  • Option 1 - Key staff attend the 1 day training and learn about relevant counter terrorism mitigation. The course content is relevant to any industry and tailored to meet businesses legal and duty of care responsibilities.
  • Option 2 - The use of Mildot consultants, who have extensive experience at designing & implementing cost effective counter terrorism systems.
  • An important hurdle for business is getting over the fear of the unknown, moving out of denial, and senior management could also be a barrier due to not knowing how to start the process of mitigation, its a common problem and can easily be overcome once there’s an understanding of the mitigation requirements.
  • Contact Mildot now to find out more and arrange a confidential discussion.  Note: Most of our competitors are theory based practitioners, with no real time experience, and have never designed and managed systems that have been tried and tested on a regular basis in the private sector.

Guest Speaker At Industry Events– Mildot consultants are a great option as a guest speaker and available on request to deliver tailored presentations on this serious modern day workplace threat or talk about the IOSH Approved Counter Terrorism Courses.

Law & Liabilities

Threat Awareness. Sophisticated & Unsophisticated Attacks

Risk Assessment. Loss Event Profile. Criticality Assessment

Produce a Cost Effective Security Plan

Client Sectors

Why Use Mildot Consultants If you choose another company to advise on this particular threat, ask the questions - Are they only theory based? - What is there commercial enterprise experience? - Whats their understanding of the business perspective? - Have they designed and implemented mitigation in environments with a daily attack tempo to protect staff and operations? The Hybrid Attack course is delivered by seasoned security and safety professionals who can answer the above questions. Delegates receive IOSH Certificate.Price: £250 + VAT per person.Group booking receive a discount.  Call 07508877869 or use the contact form to arrange a confidential discussion.

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