Independent Protective Security Reviews


Whats the Purpose

The purpose of an independent protective security system review is to ensure that the system is properly designed and functional to effectively mitigate risks, safeguard assets, and provide a secure environment against 21st Century Threats.

An independent review is a crucial step in the lifecycle of a security system, and its main purposes are as follows:


Risk Mitigation. Is the system aligned with the organisation’s risk profile and effectively addresses identified threats.


System Validation. Is the system functioning correctly and capable of deterring, detecting, and responding to security incidents.


Quality Assurance & Control. This includes evaluating system delivery and management.


Functional Integration. Is the system integrated seamlessly throughout the organisation.


Staff Training. Can staff follow security procedures and respond appropriately to security incidents.


Identification of Weaknesses. Enables the organisation to address these issues promptly, enhancing the overall security posture/culture.


Long-Term Effectiveness. By thoroughly reviewing a protective security system, organisations increase the likelihood of its sustainability and credibility.


Peace of Mind. An organisation’s leadership, stakeholders, and employees, knowing that the security measures in place are well-designed and capable of responding to security challenges.


An independent review of a protective security system is essential to ensure that the system aligns with the organisation’s security objectives, effectively mitigates risks, and provides a safe and secure environment for personnel, assets, and information.


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Tony Gledhill, a seasoned protective security consultant and founder of Mildot Group. With extensive international experience, Tony has designed and executed security strategies for leading energy and construction organisations operating in high-risk and complex environments.   His private sector expertise extends to training international government protection teams responsible for VIPs and critical assets, plus thousands of armed & unarmed private security guards. Leveraging over 16 years in the private sector after a distinguished 22-year military career, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge.

Armed with real world operational insight, he knows what can be achieved with reasonable and practicable security solutions.