Operationally Tested & Proven Services

Mildot consultants are the proven Defence industry best option to support and add value to trials & development activities, firearms capacity and capability training programmes,  and delivering added value to firearms procurement contracts.

Mildot’s training capabilities for the Defence & Security Industry range from Areal Platform Firing Points to Multiple Team Operations using a full compliment of firearms & technology, VIP protection, and manned guarding operations.

The below list of courses have been delivered by Mildot Consultants

If your looking for Defence procurement assistence, firearms training solutions or advice, contact Mildot now for a confidential discussion.

Defence Industry Assistance & Training Solutions:

Government Procurement Advisory

Sales & Business Development Assistance

Sniper Weapons and Equipment Trials & Development

Military and Police Sniper Capacity & Capability Assessment = Design & Delivery of Improvement Programmes

  • Arial Platform Interdiction
  • Tactical reconnaissance – surveillance – target acquisition and live reporting
  • Counter Terrorism for assault team and assisting personnel.
  • Sniper Instructor
  • Manned Guarding (armed & unarmed)
  • Mobile Security Guards (armed & unarmed)
  • VIP Protection (armed & unarmed)
  • Equipment trials and development