IOSH Approved Personal Safety Training

Tried & Tested Mitigation for Terrorism - Violent Crime - Lone Actor Attacks

Mental Tools. Subconscious & Conscious Thinking

Situational Awareness. Understand Your Environment & Threats

Respond Effectively & Communicate The Risk

The IOSH Approved training is 3 hours in duration, and will prepare individuals to develop their Situational Awareness using whats known as the Brain Game, and significantly improves personal safety for working environments and for every day life.

The training also delivers an understanding of the UK Governments initiatives on counter terrorism

Situational Awareness Training = Develops an awareness of modern day threats to your personal safety, your surroundings, what is happening around you, and if anyone or anything around you is a threat to your personal safety.

All staff & private individuals can effectively develop levels of situational awareness and commit to the subconscious thinking process. The more you use it the quicker it becomes a subconscious process with minimal effort.

Note: This course is an excellent development tool for Security personnel from all industries and especially staff working in Events, Entertainment, and the Night Time Economy

Target Audience

The training is a must attend for the below sectors

Private Sector

  • Retail Industry
  • Supermarkets
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Events
  • Security

Public Sector

  • NHS
  • Local Authority
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Educational Facilities

High Net Worth Individuals

  • Actors
  • Music Industry
  • TV Personalities
  • Comedians
  •  Media Crews

Group bookings for businesses receive a discounted price – Contact us now to enquire on courses or arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements or call 07508877869 for a confidential discussion.

Take a look at our Business Management IOSH Approved Training for Counter Terrorism/Hybrid Attack Mitigation. This course is for Management, Supervisors, Safety & Security personnel.

Note: Mildot can design bespoke similar training to meet the specific industry requirements – Contact Mildot to gain more information.


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