Business Solutions for Management, Staff & Individuals

Ask yourself the following question:

What level of understanding and awareness are you or the staff operating at?

  1. Unconscious Incompetence = They don't know what they don't know = Either no idea about the threats or living in denial = Require Educating
  2. Conscious Incompetence = They know theres a problem but have no knowledge or understanding of how to mitigate = Require Educating
  3. Conscious Competence = Able to think their way through a situation = Understand the threats, policy and action plans
  4. Unconscious Competence = Can automatically respond effectively = Optimum level of awareness and will help to lower the criticality of an attack
When seconds count and Emergency Services are minutes away - what will your staff do during the response gap?

Management Solutions for Counter Terrorism & Violent Crime Mitigation

Option 1

The 1 day training will up-skill your knowledge in the following: Developing a Business Case; Risk Assessment & Associated Documents; Producing Effective Plans; Developing Staff Security Awareness
For Managers, Supervisors, Safety & Security Personnel

Option 2

The use of Mildot consultants who have extensive experience at designing & implementing effective private sector counter terrorism systems

Both options support UK Government Initiatives to create safe spaces for people and business to operate

Mildot consultants cover the areas of private sector mitigation that are not delivered by current Government initiatives, Mildot’s approach is from the private sector perspective, to enable the full criticality of an event to be mitigated.

Situational Awareness for Terrorism & Violent Crime

“One of the most important aspects of preventing an attack is making that attack harder for a terrorist to carry out. If businesses, and the public, had a clearer sense of the tactics a terrorist might use, then it follows that there is more chance of thwarting an attack.”

Lord Toby Harris – Oct 2016 Report

London’s Preparedness to a Terrorist Attack

Tried & Tested Mitigation for Terrorism - Violent Crime - Workplace Violence - Travel Security

Option 1

The training is 3 hours in duration and delivered to staff from all industries and individuals looking to improve their situational awareness. Topics covered: Developing effective habits; Awareness Condition levels; Understand your environment & workplace plans etc.  Click this link for an explanation on Situational Awareness and how it builds staff and business resilience and acts as a mitigation multiplier

Option 2

Mildot can tailor the training to your specific industry or life style, link to your company’s policy & procedures, and design a number of short briefings as continuation training in the form of toolbox talks that can be delivered in short sessions by in-house staff.

Note: The course is an excellent life skills developer and a workplace Terrorism & Violent Crime mitigation multiplier, by improving staff awareness on criminal & terrorist threat activity and their ability to respond effectively, with the added benefit of assisting the UK Government in creating safe spaces for people to live and business to operate.


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