Situational Awareness

Business Mitigation for Terrorism & Violent Crime

How can situational awareness build resilience and improve safety?

1. What is it

Situational awareness is a proven approach for business & personal safety – It develops an awareness of modern-day threats, your surroundings, and whether anyone or anything around you is a threat to your safety.  Staff situational awareness training is a great mitigation multiplier for counter terrorism and violent crime at the workplace.

It is not the be-all and end-all of personal safety, but raising an individual’s awareness on security and safety issues, is a great step forward in improving business and an individual’s ability to respond effectively.

“One of the most important aspects of preventing an attack is making that attack harder for a terrorist to carry out. If businesses, and the public, had a clearer sense of the tactics a terrorist might use, then it follows that there is more chance of thwarting an attack.”

Lord Toby Harris – Oct 2016 Report

London’s Preparedness to a Terrorist Attack

2. Who currently uses it and who should use it

Situational Awareness is a key training tool for Government Agencies, Military, Close Protection Teams, HNW Individuals, Royalty, Media.

It’s a particularly underused training tool within the UK Man-Guarding Industry, who should be keeping step with modern day threats to society, improving the skill set of guards and developing a clear understanding of policy and procedures of any particular workplace. 

It should be implemented by business to support the UK Government & Police Initiatives to create a ‘whole-of-society’ approach, to deliver a safe space for people to live and business to operate, it fits in well with the Protect & Prepare objectives of CONTEST. 

Give Yourself Some Thinking Time

3. What can it do for the workforce

There’s no point in a business having the best policy & procedures if nobody actually knows or understands them.

A proactive approach by Employers to educate their staff on policy & procedures and raise awareness on modern day threats that can affect the Business, Staff & Customers – will add significant value to a business’s resilience.

It’s not about turning people into paranoid wrecks always looking around and can’t keep still. At the basic core of situational awareness, and what anybody can develop, is understanding their work environment and having the knowledge to anticipate and apply some forethought.  When turned into a habit, it’s subconscious thinking, and an automatic process.   

From a business perspective, the better informed your staff are about safety and security procedures, will increase the effectiveness of any action that needs to be taken in a challenging situation or actual attack of various descriptions. The added benefit for staff is the raising of awareness to modern day threats and allowing them to anticipate and apply some foresight in their everyday life’s.

The days of living in a bubble, and assuming or expecting the police are 100% responsible for your safety is not reality, it’s an unpopular concept but people can take responsibility for the own safety. The chances are, if an incident develops, the police will not be there.

There will be Emergency Services Response Gaps to almost any incident, it could 2 minutes or 20 minutes until they arrive, what action will staff take for that response gap period?

4. Workplace Toolbox Talks – When seconds count and emergency services are minutes away.

The proven number 1 mitigation strategy to improve awareness for Terrorism & Violent Crime is Toolbox Talks. 2 to 5-minute briefing sessions on key topics to develop and improve staff, management and worshipers  Situational Awareness. Example Topics: Threat activity indicators and risk communication systems.

The costs of implementing a programme of toolbox talks to cover the above topics is minimal, used as excellent mitigation for Crowded Spaces; Places Of Worship; Night Time Economy; Shopping Centres; Retail Industry; Media Events; Entertainment Facilities etc; the return on investment could be live saving, a violent workplace incident is probably a very low threat – but that’s no excuse for the one time it happensCriticality outweighs probability.

Heart rate – Normal conditions 80 bpm——————–Sudden Change in conditions 150 bpm+  = Average person will Freeze

Using some simple mental tools can improve your thinking time and ability to respond effectively

Mildot deliver IOSH Approved Situational Awareness Training to Mitigate Terrorism & Violent Crime

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