Sniper Training Services for Military & Police Units

Operationally Tested & Proven

Mildot consultants have been delivering Sniper Training services worldwide for over 20 years to Military & Police Units.

Mildot consultants are former British Military Instructors with extensive operational experience and knowledge, delivering advice and training on the full spectrum of Weapons, Tactics and Equipment.

Mildot’s training solutions cover Counter Terrorism, VIP Protection, and Conventional Warfare Operations.  Mildot provide expert advice and consultancy services to the defence industry, assist manufacturers with trials and development, and design specific familiarisation and training programmes to assist with the procurement process.

Training delivered recently to Military & Police Units

MIldot Group Urban sniping solutions for training

Urban Sniper Operations. Basic & Advance Sniper

Mountain Sniper Operations. Section Commander.

Mildot Sniper Solutions
Mildot Group Sniper Interdiction training

Aerial Platform Interdiction. Multi Team Coordinated Operations

Reconnaissance & Surveillance. .50 Long Range Interdiction Precision Attacks

Mildot Group sniper hide training and construction

Defence Industry Assistance & Training Solutions:

Government Procurement Advisory

Sales & Business Development Assistance

Sniper Weapons and Equipment Trials & Development

Military and Police Sniper Capacity & Capability Assessment = Design & Delivery of Improvement Programmes