Sniper Training for Military & Police Units

Operationally Tested & Proven Solutions

Mildot sniper training consultants are former British Military Senior Firearms & Tactics Instructors with extensive experience

Contact Mildot now to discuss your requirements: Conventional Warfare; Counter Terrorism; Police Marksman; VIP Protection ; Maritime Sniper Deployment

The below courses are just a snapshot of recent training projects.  Mildot design bespoke programmes to fit the operating environment and develop the capacity & capabilities of personnel & units

MIldot Group Urban sniping solutions for training

Urban Sniper Operations. Basic & Advance Sniper

Mountain Sniper Operations. Section Commander.

Mildot Sniper Solutions
Mildot Group Sniper Interdiction training

Aerial Platform Interdiction. Multi Team Coordinated Operations

Reconnaissance & Surveillance. .50 Long Range Interdiction Precision Attacks

Mildot Group sniper hide training and construction

Defence Industry Assistance & Training Solutions:

Government Procurement Advisory

Sales & Business Development Assistance

Sniper Weapons and Equipment Trials & Development

Military and Police Sniper Capacity & Capability Assessment = Design & Delivery of Improvement Programmes