Surveillance Services Manchester

Watching - Listening - Recording

Rapid Deployment CCTV (Overt & Covert) - Visual – Photographic –Technical – Foot – Mobile - Rural/Urban Operations

Rapid Deployment Covert CCTV Systems

24/7 recording; 24/7 live monitoring capabilities; Independent power source; Real time video on smart phone & tablet; Motion sensor email & text alerts; Day & night capability.

Vehicle Tracking

Short term commercial vehicle fleet tracking, if you have an issue, Mildot can deploy a tracking device with 24/7 monitoring.

Agricultural Industry

If you have a problem with machinery stolen, animals being taken, or fly tipping.  Mildot can deploy covert observation posts, gather video and photography evidence, and identify the perpetrators.

Evidence & Information

Businesses losing assets, suspect criminal activity, or need information to make effective decisions – Contact Mildot for assistance with evidence and information gathering.

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Business Services

Farming & Rural Community

Private Individuals

Local Authority

Example Price Guide

The below information is just a guide to our pricing and what we offer inclusive of VAT

4 Hour Case

  • Two Man Team
  • Dedicated Case Management
  • Written Report
  • Photographic stills and video

40 Hour Case

  • Two Man Team
  • Can be spread over a number of days
  • Urban & rural observation post option
  • Full report with photography and video