21st Century Terrorism & New Laws


Proposed New Counter Terrorism Laws (UK)

The UK Government is currently working on introducing new counter-terrorism laws that will have implications for the private sector. Under these proposed laws, premises belonging to private organisations will be obligated to develop and execute Counter Terrorism plans.

However, it’s important to note that this requirement will only apply if an organisation meets a certain threshold for mitigation.

In essence, the new legislation aims to bolster the security measures taken by private sector entities to counter potential terrorist threats. By placing a legal duty on these premises to create and implement Counter Terrorism plans, the government intends to enhance preparedness and response capabilities in the face of any potential terrorist activities.

This move seeks to create a safer and more secure environment, not just for the private sector but also for the public and the nation as a whole.

As the government continues to refine and finalise these proposed counter-terrorism laws, affected organisations will need to stay informed and ensure compliance with the new regulations once they are officially enacted.



The concept that designing and implementing Counter Terrorism (CT) mitigation in the private sector requires being a so-called “CT expert” has been a matter of recent discussion.

Historically, the mainland UK private sector showed limited interest, if any, in developing and deploying protective security systems to mitigate the threat of terrorism. Similarly, UK Government agencies had minimal involvement with private-sector CT mitigation.

However, the landscape has shifted significantly, and the CT threat has become a prominent topic. With this increased focus, UK Government agencies are now becoming more engaged in private-sector CT mitigation efforts.

Yet, there seems to be a misconception among some government personnel that only individuals with the title “Expert” in all things related to terrorism are fit for these responsibilities.

That believe is misguided.


Security Professionals

People responsible for organisational resilience, security, safety, and crisis and emergency response in the private sector do not need to be a terrorism experts. Instead, their primary focus should be on understanding the threats and fully comprehending the criticality of the risks involved.

Their expertise lies in implementing proven mitigation approaches to safeguard assets, employees, customers, and the overall business.

Having a strong understanding of the threats allows these professionals to tailor security measures to address specific risks faced by the organisation.

It also helps them allocate resources effectively to achieve the best risk mitigation outcomes.


Standard Security Principles

In the private sector, counter-terrorism (CT) mitigation typically revolves around incorporating specific measures to address the terrorism threat while building upon existing standard security planning.

Many organisations already have established resilience frameworks in place, which can be augmented with CT mitigation strategies.

Given the existing expertise of security professionals in the private sector, designing and implementing CT mitigation measures is well within their capabilities.

These professionals are familiar with security principles, risk assessments, and the deployment of security systems.

By leveraging this foundation, they can effectively tailor security plans to tackle the terrorism threat in a comprehensive manner.

The key lies in providing guidance, advice, and up-skilling knowledge on the precise requirements for CT mitigation.

The approach of adding CT-specific measures into existing security frameworks ensures a cost-effective and efficient use of resources.

It allows organisations to build upon their current security infrastructure and adapt it to address the unique challenges posed by terrorism.


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