Counter-Terrorism Masterclasses & Consultancy

Empowering People with Unparalleled Experience


In the era of 21st century threats, particularly from people with violent intentions, dealing with uncertainty and staying ahead demands the ability to translate theory into practical application

Our masterclasses and consultancy are led by seasoned professionals with extensive private & public sector field experience in counter-terrorism and security operations since 2008 in benign, complex and fragile states with daily attacks from terrorism, insurgency and hybrid threats.

Tailored Training & Consultancy

Every organisation is unique, and so are its challenges.

Our masterclasses & consultancy are tailored to address your specific needs, ensuring you receive relevant and immediately applicable transformational information.

Topics covered include the following:

Needs & Risk Assessment.

Intruderology, Incident Response, Rapid Risk Communications.

Crisis Management & Business Continuity CT elements.

Proven Staff Training Systems, Critical Thinking & Decision-Making.

Behavioural Analysis Toolbox, Forethought, Threat Recognition, Situational Awareness.

Unmatched Private Sector Counter-Terrorism Knowhow

There is a significant difference between those with only theoretical understanding and professionals who have practical, real-world experience and expertise.

Mildot consultants have decades of hands on counter terrorism & hybrid threat knowhow that delivers proven, targeted, and essential mitigation strategies.


Masterclasses are designed for groups, ensuring personalised attention and impactful learning.

Participants gain an understanding of effective proven mitigation that addresses 21st Century Threats.

Counter-Terrorism Consultancy

Our consultancy demystifies the counter-terrorism process, offering seamless design, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive protective security systems for organisations of all sizes.

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