4-Phase Approach for Counter Terrorism Mitigation


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The 4-phase approach represents a methodical strategy for developing a protective security system. It’s an excellent system for addressing Terrorism and Hybrid threats.

This approach establishes a structured framework for the entire life cycle of a security system, encompassing planning, design, implementation, and maintenance. In this instance, the primary goal is to effectively mitigate the risks associated with counter terrorism and hybrid threats.

By following the 4-phase approach, organisations can streamline their efforts to minimise disruptions to normal activities while efficiently implementing counter-terrorism mitigation measures. Staff selected for roles related to developing counter-terrorism mitigation must possess a comprehensive understanding of the practical operations and management systems within the organisation.

This approach proves beneficial for all sizes of organisations, allowing them to develop concise plans that address immediate requirements identified through risk assessments.

Large organisations, with their inherently more complex structures involving various departments, by using the 4-phase approach will ensure that diverse needs and risks are effectively mitigated throughout the organisation.

A key feature of the 4-phase approach is its focus on translating theoretical concepts into practical results, emphasising the importance of understanding real-world impact and the nuances of implementation.

It underscores the significance of converting paperwork and theory into tangible outcomes, making the written theory-based implementation plan meaningful through effective practical execution.

Moreover, the systematic nature of this approach facilitates continuous review, audit and improvement, providing a strategic framework for ongoing assessment and enhancement.


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