Real World Impact of Security Systems


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The real-world impact of documentation explaining a practical system refers to the tangible, observable effects or consequences that result from the implementation and execution of a system based on the information, instructions, and guidelines provided in the system’s documentation.

No security system documentation or technical equipment is of any worth without human interaction.


Whats it all about?

Documentation.  This refers to the written information that describes the system’s design, objectives, processes, procedures, guidelines, and any other relevant details.

Practical Delivery. This term is about the people who will deliver the system.  It encompasses any organised set of processes, procedures, guidelines, or operations designed to achieve specific objectives or goals. It require experienced professionals who are able to apply real world knowledge to deliver an effective protective security policy.



The Delivery Reality

Delivery requires unwritten skills and experience and ultimately will dictate the effectiveness of the system.

It goes beyond theoretical expectations or intentions and assesses what happens when the system interacts with its environment, stakeholders, and external factors (Threats).

In essence, when we talk about the “real-world impact of documentation explaining a practical system,” we are concerned with how well the information and instructions provided in the documentation translate into actual results, outcomes, or changes when the system is put into action.


The Real World Measure of a Protective Security System

Mainly practical assessments conducted by experienced professionals.  These people are focused on the reality and will assess the security by using scenario based exercises, questions, etc.

Effectiveness. Does the system achieve its intended objectives and deliver the desired results as outlined in the documentation?

User Experience. How do individuals or entities interacting with the system perceive their experiences? Does the documentation accurately represent the user’s journey and expectations?

Adaptability. This is a mouthful of an explanation so hang in there – Can the system respond to unforeseen challenges or changing conditions in a manner consistent with the guidance provided in the documentation?

This question highlights the requirement for Decentralised Management, which is the private sector equivalent of the military Mission Command Approach.

If the system does not allow adaptability by the users to any given situation and relies on a rigid approach to various threats, then the system is lacking in decentralised management and will fail within seconds of coming into contact with a real world threat.

Compliance. Does the system adhere to relevant laws, regulations, standards, and best practices, as indicated in the documentation?

Feedback and Improvement. Does the documentation allow for a feedback loop where real-world experiences can inform updates, revisions, or enhancements to the system?



Ultimately, assessing the real-world impact of a security system is crucial for evaluating its capability and success, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring that it aligns with its intended purpose and the needs of its stakeholders.

It highlights the importance of not only creating documentation but also implementing and maintaining the system in a way that realises the documented objectives and expectations in the Real World of practical application.


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