Independent Security Oversight


Whats it about?

Independent oversight of an organisations sub-contracted or in-house security services plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness, transparency, contract compliance and integrity of security operations.

The practice helps to establish a robust security framework, maintain a high level of security standards, and mitigate potential risks.

Is your organisations protective security mitigating 21st Century Threats?

Key reasons why independent oversight is important:

Unbiased Evaluation. An independent consultancy is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the security service provider. This lack of direct affiliation allows them to assess the performance and contract compliance objectively, without any conflict of interest.

Quality Assurance. The consultancy can evaluate whether the security service provider is meeting the agreed-upon quality standards, including the training and qualifications of security personnel, adherence to standard operating procedures, and overall service delivery.

Risk Management. Independent oversight helps identify potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and gaps in security procedures. By conducting regular assessments, the consultancy can recommend improvements and adjustments to mitigate security risks effectively.

Contract Compliance. Is your security service provider contract compliant, and with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Cost Efficiency. Outsourcing security contract oversight to a consultancy can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house oversight team. This allows organisations to leverage the expertise of security professionals without the burden of additional staffing costs.

Continuous Improvement. An independent consultancy can provide valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing security operations over time. This includes suggesting updates to security procedures, technology integration, and best practices.

Transparency and Accountability. Independent oversight promotes transparency by providing an impartial assessment of the security service provider’s performance. This encourages the service provider to remain accountable for their actions and outcomes.

Contract Disputes. In case of any disputes or conflicts between the client and the security service provider, an independent consultancy can act as a neutral party to mediate and resolve issues efficiently.

Crisis Management. Should a security incident occur, an independent consultancy can assist in analysing the situation, identifying the root causes, and suggesting ways to help  detect and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Reputation Management. Effective security measures contribute to an organisation’s reputation and public image. Independent oversight ensures that the security service provider’s performance aligns with the organisation’s values and objectives.

Expertise and Knowledge. Consultancies specialising in security bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. This can lead to the implementation of innovative security strategies and practices that may not have been considered otherwise.


Independent oversight by a consultancy is crucial for maintaining a high level of security, adhering to standards and regulations, minimising risks, and continuously improving security operations.

It offers an objective and expert perspective that enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of security services while fostering transparency and accountability.


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Tony Gledhill, a seasoned protective security consultant and founder of Mildot Group, and extensive international experience in applying independent oversight. Tony has designed and executed security strategies for leading energy and construction organisations operating in high-risk and complex environments.  His private sector expertise extends to training international government protection teams responsible for VIPs and critical assets, plus thousands of armed & unarmed private security guards.

Leveraging over 16 years in the private sector after a distinguished 22-year military career, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge.  Armed with real world operational insight, he knows what can be achieved with reasonable and practicable security solutions.