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Protective Security Principles

The layered security approach is a robust strategy utilised to establish a highly effective protective security system designed to deter, detect, identify, delay, respond to, and recover from potential security, terrorist & hybrid threat event.

These security practices are widely acknowledged as physical protection systems (PPS) and have been internationally recognised and used for protecting organisations.

To ensure the effectiveness of such a system, a methodical and systematic approach is crucial. This involves carefully assessing the available resources and devising a system that can offer the necessary levels of protection at critical points, particularly in areas that may be potential targets for attacks.


Layering Counter Terrorism Protection

When crafting a counter-terrorism (CT) mitigation strategy for an organisation, it is essential to implement protection through the application of multiple security approaches, commonly referred to as “layering” for protection.

Layering for protection allows for a flexible and adaptable approach, enabling the organisation to respond effectively to evolving security challenges.

The layering approach provides the organisation with a comprehensive toolkit to design and implement counter-terrorism measures.


System Framework

The protective security system comprises various crucial elements that work in synergy to safeguard an organisation against potential threats.

These elements encompass HR (Human Resources), information security, personnel security, physical barriers, access controls, intrusion detection, CCTV, staff training, emergency response protocols, and contingency plans.

The extent to which these measures need to be implemented within an organisation’s management structures depends on its size and complexity.

Larger organisations might require more intricate and tailored mitigation strategies, considering the diverse nature of their operations and potential risks.

In contrast, micro businesses can adopt the same core principles of protection but may find it more feasible to utilise a catch-all document that encompasses the essential security measures in a streamlined manner.

Tailoring these strategies to the organisation’s specific needs ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to counter potential threats and vulnerabilities.


Whats Involved & How to Deliver

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Tony Gledhill, a seasoned protective security consultant and founder of Mildot Group. With extensive international experience in delivering layered security, Tony has designed and executed security strategies for leading energy and construction organisations operating in high-risk and complex environments.

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