Night Time Economy Security & Safety Advisory

The following advisory will outline some essential practices to protect your business, staff, and customers.

Bars – Night Clubs – Pubs – Entertainment Facilities

Taking into account the aim of a business is to be a long term financial success, and the night-time economy frequently have small scale incidents of violence etc.  It only takes one event on a bigger scale to attract the attention of local authorities and law enforcement, and the investigation begins.

Scenario 1The establishment has the right levels of security personnel and oversight.  Staff are informed on safety & security awareness, and the management proactively engage with local police and security advisors, to keep up to date on current crime and related trends that could affect the long term financial viability and operating capability.   The business has documented safety & security policy and procedures.

Scenario 2The management regard safety and security as a burden and are lacking in all areas, do not conduct regular awareness briefings to staff, no oversight on the subcontracted security personnel, the business has out of date poor safety and security documentation.

Incident – Response – Recovery

Option 1 outcomeAn investigation begins, social media pictures and video’s go viral, local licensing authority become involved, reports written with conclusions:

The report highlighted points that fit the above Scenario 2, business licence revoked, security staff lose their Licence, the business reputation is tainted, and management probably lose their job.  The result is the financial viability of the business has taken a severe hit.

Option 2 outcomeThe investigation concludes the business takes sufficient steps and proactively supports a safe and secure environment.  The incident was handled professionally; the criticality was minimised due to the ability and awareness of the staff.  The business can continue to operate as it meets the points mentioned in scenario 1.

Key Takeaway Points

a. The establishment requires documented security & safety policy and procedures.

b. Have a system in place to maintain staff security knowledge and awareness.  Do your staff have an awareness of threat activity from Terrorism, Criminals, Violent crime indicators, Response plans etc.

c. At least one member of the management to be responsible.

d. Review current crime trends at least once a month and liaise with local authorities.

e. Conduct regular oversight on subcontracted security personnel.  The best option is to work with the PSC management; they should have a system in place to educate and raise security awareness.

f. Maintain records for all activity such as toolbox talks, oversight on security, policy and procedure reviews,

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