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21st Century Threats

How do organisations understand their risk exposure and stay ahead of 21st Century threats?

An effective strategy for staying ahead of and comprehending contemporary threats can be accomplished with minimal additional expenses for the business.

Once the Organisational Situational Awareness policies and procedures are established, a single staff member can carry out the necessary processes at regular intervals, contributing significantly to upholding the organisation’s resilience.

This approach ensures that proactive measures of detection and prevention are taken without putting a strain on the company’s budget or resources.


Identified Trends

In 2008 six terrorism trends were identified that security and resilience professionals should consider when assessing and developing security measures:

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Ask yourself who within your organisation knew or knows about the 6 trends identified 15 years ago?

If you look back at recent years within the United Kingdom, you will be able to connect the dots for all six trends to acts of terrorism & hybrid threats that have happened over the last 2 decades.


Denial Issues

The issue of denial raises an important question.

Why has it taken the UK Government so long to consider implementing counter-terrorism (CT) laws that would aid in safeguarding private sector organisations and society as a whole?

Almost 7 years ago the following excerpt was written by the author of the report into London’s Preparedness to a Terrorist Attack.


One of the most important aspects of preventing an attack is making that attack harder for a terrorist to carry out. If businesses, and the public, had a clearer sense of the tactics a terrorist might use, then it follows that there is more chance of thwarting an attack.”

Lord Toby Harris – Oct 2016 Report

London’s Preparedness to a Terrorist Attack



Is it possible that advisors might be at the root cause of this delay?

Was the report ignored?


Government Agency’s

The private sector’s reliance on the state to provide all means and protection is indeed an outdated approach, 21st century threats require a Whole of Society approach.

Embracing organisational situational awareness is a far more effective strategy for risk management and enhances business resilience.

By cultivating a proactive understanding of potential risks and threats, private sector organisations can take necessary precautions and implement robust measures to safeguard their interests and ensure continuity even in challenging situations.

This approach empowers businesses to be more self-reliant and better prepared to handle uncertainties, making them stronger and more adaptable in today’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape.


Open Source Information

Open-Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) and Online Presence assessment are integral components that complement the approach of organisational situational awareness.

Together, they form a framework to support any organisation in designing, implementing, and monitoring its security policies and procedures.

These tools enable organisations to proactively address security threats, fine-tune their security policies and procedures, and maintain a strong defence against potential risks.

Embracing these practices empowers organisations to be proactive, adaptive, and better prepared to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of modern-day threats.


Whats Involved & How to Deliver

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Tony Gledhill, a seasoned protective security consultant and founder of Mildot Group. With extensive international experience, Tony has designed and executed security strategies for leading energy and construction organisations operating in high-risk and complex environments and applied organisational situational awareness.

His private sector expertise extends to training international government protection teams responsible for VIPs and critical assets, plus thousands of armed & unarmed private security guards. Leveraging over 16 years in the private sector after a distinguished 22-year military career, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge.

Armed with real world operational insight, he knows what can be achieved with reasonable and practicable security solutions.