Protective Security Proposal


Contracting Independent Security Consultancy



Organisations using a Security Consultancy

Security, Terrorism & Hybrid Threats

Business owners or a department head will initially have communications with a consultancy provider and will have discussed the scope of the requirements.

The next stage from the meeting will most likely be the submission of a protective security proposal to mitigate the terrorism & hybrid threats.

During that first meeting the consultant must acquire all the relevant information in order to provide and convey what the organisation is expecting from a proposed solution.


Executive Summary

The start point of the proposal will be an executive summary.

It must include reasons for the protective security proposal, what the aims of the proposal are as discussed during initial meetings, and a brief outline of what system and principles will be used to design and implement the mitigation explained within the security proposal.


Recommendations & Solutions

In this section the type of organisation and a brief business characterisation must be explained.

What framework is to be adopted to implement the proposed systems, and how the organisation can take ownership and develop their in house staff must also be covered.

The next sections of the proposal go into details covering such factors as Governance, and all the functions that make up the programme framework with detailed explanations for each section.


Comprehensive Proposal Example

To learn more on this topic and access a comprehensive protective security proposal to mitigate the terrorism threat, follow this link. 



Tony Gledhill, a seasoned protective security consultant and founder of Mildot Group. With extensive international experience, Tony has designed and executed security strategies for leading energy and construction organisations operating in high-risk and complex environments.   His private sector expertise extends to training international government protection teams responsible for VIPs and critical assets, plus thousands of armed & unarmed private security guards. Leveraging over 16 years in the private sector after a distinguished 22-year military career, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge.

Armed with real world operational insight, he knows what can be achieved with reasonable and practicable security solutions.