Counter Terrorism Advisors

System Design, Specialist Training, Reviews & Audits

Mildot specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for organisations to enhance their protective security measures and cultivate a robust security culture. Through a combination of Counter Terrorism Advice and Premium Content, Mildot offers tailored strategies and guidance to address security challenges effectively.


With its Consultancy services, Mildot works closely with clients to conduct thorough assessments of their security needs and vulnerabilities. Drawing on years of expertise and industry best practices, Mildot crafts custom security plans that align with the unique requirements of each organisation.

By promoting awareness, training, and ongoing education, Mildot equips individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute actively to the UK Counter Terrorism strategies.

Organisations can achieve all the requirements to deliver protective security for Terrorism & Hybrid Threats  with reasonable and practicable arrangements delivered by Mildot Consultants.

Consultancy and Advisory Options:

Access Premium Content = Understand and educate yourself on protective security to mitigate the terrorism threat.

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