Terrorism & Hybrid Threat Mitigation Guide



Business Owners & Senior Management



This ebook delivers clear and comprehensive insights into protective security for terrorism and hybrid threat mitigation.  It equips business owners, senior management, and security professionals with the information to implement robust policies and procedures within their organisations.

The ebook focuses on equipping you with a deeper understanding of private sector counter-terrorism, preparing you to tackle potential threats effectively.

Key highlights include adopting a structured method for creating and implementing a Terrorism Awareness and Management programme. We emphasise the importance of cultivating a security-conscious organisational culture, demonstrating how well-implemented terrorism mitigation enhances overall business security and safety.

Methods for designing and implementing a CT programme may vary based on an organisation’s size and resources. Regardless of scale, effective implementation requires a detailed, structured approach involving all stakeholders and ensuring total commitment.

Employees must understand the protective security system and its role in mitigating terrorism, ultimately safeguarding everyone involved.

This resource is essential for businesses of all sizes, from micro to large-scale international organisations, providing adaptable and practical information.

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