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Organisation Size.

Draft Bill on proposed UK Counter Terrorism Laws.

Understanding Terrorism Mitigation Requirements.

Senior Management Buy-In.

Designating the Design and Implementation Team..


Consultancy Advice.

Wasted Time & Effort.

Needs Assessment & Risk Analysis (NARA).

Other eBooks.

What’s Assessed within the NARA.

Security Principles.

Implementation Plan.

Increased Organisational Safety & Security.

Training and Staff Disapproval Issues.



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This ebook aims to provide clear and comprehensive insights into the realm of protective security for terrorism & hybrid threat mitigation. Its primary objective is to assist business owners, senior management, and security professionals with the necessary knowledge to execute robust policy and procedures for their organisations.

Until recently, both the private and public sectors in mainland UK showed little interest in designing and implementing terrorism mitigation using protective security systems. Government agencies had minimal involvement in private-sector CT mitigation. However, internationally, private sector CT mitigation has been in place for decades, where security professionals have successfully designed and implemented CT measures to safeguard thousands of employees and customers in countries facing terrorism, insurgency, and organised crime utilising similar tactics.

This resource will not go into all the reasons and what 21st century terrorism has evolved into, other ebooks as part of the protective security & counter terrorism series explore those topics.

By gaining a deeper understanding of what private sector counter terrorism is all about, you will be better prepared to tackle potential threats effectively.  One key aspect that will be explained is the option of adopting a structured method to create and implement a Terrorism Awareness and Management programme. This approach will be thoroughly explained to facilitate its practical application within an organisation.

Furthermore, we will delve into the importance of cultivating a security-conscious organisational culture. It will outline how well-implemented terrorism mitigation can significantly enhance the overall security and safety of a business. This entails fostering a sense of awareness and preparedness among all employees (Kayyem, 2022).

Notably, the methods employed in designing and implementing a CT programme may vary based on the organisation’s size and available resources (Patterson,2013). Regardless of the scale, this resource will emphasise that effective implementation demands a detailed and structured approach involving all stakeholders.

Moreover, it will highlight the significance of ensuring total commitment from everyone involved, while also striving to ensure that employees comprehend the reasons behind the protective security system and how it serves to mitigate terrorism activities, ultimately safeguarding everyone involved.

Irrespective of the size of an organisation, we present essential and adaptable information for businesses from Micro to Large scale international organisations.

This resource demystifies the whole process.

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