Private Sector

Terrorism & Hybrid Threat Mitigation

Response & Recovery

(Crisis Management & Business Continuity)


Table of Contents:


International Management Standards.

Proven Systems.

Other Elements.

Immediate Response Issues from Terrorist Events.

Crisis Communications.

Psychological Impacts.

Staff Action Plans.

Critical Information.

Grab Bag/Box.

Critical Assets.

Pre-planned Response.

Planning & Preparation for Post Event issues from a Terrorist Attack.

Overall Responsibility.

Crisis Management Team Priorities & Appointments.

Crisis Team Appointments.

CM Team Responsibilities.

Common Elements.

Needs Assessment & Risk Analysis.

NARA Report & Recommendations.

Planning & Report Process.

Media Relations.



About the author.




This ebook will delve into the intricacies surrounding crisis management and business continuity for post-terrorist event recovery for organisations of all kinds. Several documents can serve as effective tools for handling immediate response and post-event recovery, including crisis or emergency response plans.

However, Green (2008) advocates for the implementation of a comprehensive business continuity (BC) plan, which seamlessly amalgamates emergency response protocols and post-event recovery strategies. This holistic approach ensures a cohesive and robust framework for navigating the immediate response and aftermath of a terrorist event, and assist in delivering organisational resilience.

International Management Standards 

The ebook will not explore the multitude of operating standards available to organisations when developing counter-terrorism mitigation, such as British Standards, ASIS Standards, ISO documents, or customised hybrid versions tailored to a specific business’s needs. Regardless of the chosen management system, the information provided below is invaluable during the initial stages of protective security planning for any management system.

No matter the specific standards adopted by your organisation, the following information has been carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate into any organisation. Throughout the article, references will be made to various standards and resources, allowing businesses that haven’t adopted a particular standard to access the necessary information or conduct further reading. This approach facilitates the option of implementing these standards should they be deemed desirable for the organisation’s overall security objectives.

Proven Systems

The ebook comprehensively explains effective and time-proven strategies for establishing and managing a robust protective security process that skilfully mitigates terrorist threats. It will illustrate how this process can be successfully designed, implemented, and monitored within the framework of any size of organisation.

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