Private Sector

Terrorism & Hybrid Threat Mitigation

Consultancy Proposal Template



Table of Contents


Management Systems

Case Study Examples

Balancing Intellectual Knowledge

Template Proposal:

Executive Summary.

Recommendations & Solutions.

CT Programme Implementation Team.

Information Security & Human Resources.

Physical Security Systems.

Staff & Management Training.

Business Continuity Plan.

On-Going Management of the CT Programme.

Implementation Timelines.

CT Programme Investment Costs.

ABC Consultancy Competence.


Appendix 1. References.

Appendix 2. Estimated Schedule.

Appendix 3. Case Studies & Lead Consultant

Case Study 1.

Case Study 2.

Case Study 3.

Lead Consultant.

Appendix 4. Consultancy Agreement.



This resource provides an in-depth depiction of a Consultancy proposal aimed at crafting and executing private sector terrorism mitigation.

It serves as a valuable asset for business stakeholders and executive leadership, furnishing a clear insight into the requisite elements of a proposal.

Furthermore, it functions as a pragmatic blueprint for security consultancy providers intending to present proposals for CT services.

The process typically commences with business stakeholders or departmental leaders engaging in dialogues with a consultancy provider, delineating the scope of their requirements. Subsequently, the next phase typically involves the formal submission of a consultancy proposal.

During the initial engagement, the consultant must compile all pertinent information to thoroughly grasp the organisation’s expectations and obstacles.

This facilitates the formulation of a suitable and efficacious solution. The ensuing comprehensive example assumes the organisation in question is a sizeable enterprise seeking the development and implementation of a comprehensive system to compliment current resilience framework.

Nevertheless, the example can be tailored and streamlined for Micro to Medium size organisations. It comprehensively delineates the pivotal components that an organisation should anticipate when enlisting the services of a consultancy offering Terrorism mitigation services.

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